Reflexology is a wonderful, gentle yet powerful tool for promoting health and well-being by working areas of the foot that correspond to body tissues, organs and systems, known as reflexes.  I treat from the comfort of my welcoming home clinic, (plenty of free parking and cups of tea by the fire!) or I am fully mobile and can come to you with all that I need.  

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I hold a Level 3 VTCT Diploma in Reflexology and was awarded Student of the year in Holistic therapies by Aspire Sussex. I offer traditional reflexology to men and women in the comfort of their own home or in my comfortable and welcoming home treatment room. Reflexology can help with relieving stress and tension, as well as promoting a sense of well-being, relaxation and restful sleep. You can recline on my massage couch or sit in the chair, whilst I give the treatment to your feet. If you've never tried any kind of massage therapy before, reflexology is a good way to start because it doesn't involve getting undressed, and the whole body can be worked on using the reflex points on the feet. It really is a very relaxing treatment!  I run regular taster days to get people interested in this wonderful therapy!  You can book yourself in easily using the 'schedule me' button which takes you to my online booking service. 


I have undertaken additional training in my area of interest with the Association of Reflexologists head of Education, Sally Earlam, to provide  Reflexology for Fertility and also to support Assisted Conception in its various forms. I work with the recognised reflexology treatment protocol for IUIIVF,and ICSI. This involves me being available to you for whenever your allopathic treatment is carried out, which is itself, dependent upon your ovulation time, and I undertake to do this for the couples I work with.

Pre-conception reflexology treatments focus on balancing the entire reproductive and endocrine systems, with additional holistic lifestyle improvements and maximising general health. I can advise on non-invasive and free methods of recognising your body's signs that will give you the clues that ovulation is approaching, as this is actually the optimum time for vaginal sexual intercourse to result in a pregnancy.

Maternity Reflexology and Reflexology for Labour and birth bring my two passions together for gentle support of the pregnancy, through labour if you would like this additional comfort measure. Post natal Reflexology I can visit you in the comfort of your own space to maximise relaxation and minimise any disruption to your babymoon time of bonding. This is a particularly gentle treatment, where you can be treated with your baby on your chest in biological nurturing position, in skin to skin if you wish. This is especially healing if you did not experience the birth you hoped for, and supports the integration of this experience, physical and emotional healing and bonding with your baby. This treatment can be one-off or weekly for six weeks to aid recovery after birth. This does make a wonderful, special gift for a new vouchers available!Reflexology is a complementary therapy which aims to restore well-being and reduce stress.  The massage lasts for at least one hour, and there is an in-depth consultation prior to the first treatment.  So that we can spend the consultation time focusing on specifics, fill out an initial confidential consultation here 

     Disclaimer : This website and my treatments are not intended to replace any medical attention you may need, or any advice you receive from your doctor, midwife or medical practitioner.