The placenta doesn't 'store' drugs/toxins but sends them to the mother's liver and kidneys to deal with. It does, however, store the heavy metals from cigarette smoke, so I strongly recommend that you do not consume your placenta if you've been smoking during the pregnancy.


I take payment for placenta services at 38 weeks of pregnancy, and I do not consider myself booked until I have received payment in full. (you can pay here ) This is because I will be committing to be on call for the birth of your placenta. Pre-payment spares you the hassle of arranging payment after the birth, and spares me from being in the situation of having to ask you for payment during your postnatal period.  If we can't go ahead...maybe your placenta has to be sent to the pathology lab, or you have an infection of the membranes during labour...I will fully refund your payment no quibble. 

Please complete the form below to book your services and reserve your estimated due date

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Please include any folk and their numbers, who might call to inform me that you've gone into labour, so that I know who's calling!

 Estimated due date  welcoming EDDs up to 21.6.16  then between 13.9.16 - 17.10.16 open again between 21.11.16 -7.12.16 reopening for 2017 on 13.1.17 - 21.617. This is for pre-booked placentas. Please give me a call if you are due imminently/have just given birth at home and I may have availability between these times.

I will be on call for your placenta from 38 weeks onwards
Where do you hope to give birth?
Post code would be most helpful here
Any additional information you want to give me? Or questions you'd like to ask..
You can include previous encapsulations and your experiences, previous post natal depression, hopes or worries for post natal time.
Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following diseases?
Human T-Lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1 or -2)
Hepatitis B or C
I have not been diagnosed with any of these diseases
Other blood bourne disease
I do not want to disclose this information
You are under no obligation to disclose any medical information, but any that you do will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. None of these necessarily preclude encapsulation.

I offer TCM Encapsulation, (using herbs, but I can leave all these out if you have any sensitivity) Please tick here if you do

Encapsulation NOT using the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method - £160
This form is not binding, but does help me to make sure that I have enough supplies to carry out your wishes
I agree to the below responsibilites (full name)
1.I understand that I am responsible for informing my care provider of my intentions regarding my placenta, and that it must be treated as a food from the time it is born.

2. My birth companion/partner/doula will ensure that the placenta is under their care until the specialist can pick it up, and it will be kept cool/on ice in a food grade container in a cool bag. If it needs to be tested in pathology then a piece can be removed, but if the placenta leaves the care of the designated person I understand that it cannot be encapsulated.

3. I will contact the specialist preferably when I know I'm in labour, and as soon as possible after the birth, by phone between 7am and 10pm and by text during the night.

4. I will pay the specialist in full upon booking, on the understanding that I will be fully refunded if the placenta goes to pathology or I have an in-labour membrane infection.

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