"...so different to last time...capsules are a marvel thank you!!!" ~ Hannah, mum of two

Your placenta dehydrated for your use 

Are you wondering about using your baby's placenta after the birth so that you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful temporary organ?  You're in the right place!  The birth of your baby and placenta signifies a massive change in your body as this huge organ which has been secreting hormones during pregnancy is suddenly gone.

Mums can lose a lot of blood, particularly during Caesarean Section.  The placenta is rich with iron, hormones, nutrients, anti-stress hormones (produced in large amounts at the end of pregnancy in preparation for birth, but sharply decline after birth) stem cells and growth factors, cytokins (triggers for cell healing) oxytocin (the 'love' and bonding hormone important in breastfeeding) and various vitamins. It's no wonder that placenta is used commercially for cosmetics, and recently by a top football club to ensure one of its best players remained fit and healed quickly following injury!  Look out for 'Hyaluronic Acid'  'Protein Hydrolysate' and 'Polypeptides' on the ingredients list of your favourite cosmetics, this can indicate the presence of placenta. 



What a waste not to use this wonderful, unique organ which presents itself just when you need it most!

When the feel-good hormones that maintained the pregnancy and prepared you for birth plummet once birth happens, its little wonder 80% of new mums report having the 'baby blues', but hormones are not the whole story, as research shows a clear relationship between iron loss and fatigue, and fatigue and post partum depression, suffered by 20% of new mums.

The baby blues can be a tedious mixture of mood instability, weepiness, fatigue, and lack of energy, and it is such a common experience that it is more or less expected that most women will experience some days or weeks of it.   

Interestingly, the Chinese have used placenta hominis (human placenta) to treat fatigue for thousands of years.

This is where the hormone, iron and nutrient-rich placenta can give back these treasures to you to ease you through until your hormones rebalance and iron levels return to normal over the coming weeks.


 I use the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and process your placenta into capsules so that you can store and use your placenta with ease and convenience. These capsules can be used during the first few weeks to help avoid baby blues. They can be stored (frozen) indefinitely for you to use in times of hormonal upheaval such as menopause.  

I trained to encapsulate placenta with PBi. I can prepare a tincture with an encapsulation. The tincture of placenta takes 6 weeks to prepare, but will last you forever, and you can send it to a homoeopathic pharmacy for them to prepare a homoeopathic remedy. 

I can make a print from the placenta before preparing it, and you will have a keepsake talisman in the form of a heart made from the umbilical cord.  Preserved parts of the placenta are revered in other cultures and used as a talisman for good luck. It is, after all, a piece of tissue which has identical DNA to your baby. 



  • Capsules £160
  • Print £10
  • Keepsake cord talisman free with capsules 

 What do I need to do?

I'm honoured to be able to serve mums, babies and new families in this way, and aim to make the process of collecting, preparing and delivering as simple and healing for you as possible. 

I work within a 10 mile radius of my home in Mid Sussex, covering Haywards Heath, Lewes home births and Princess Royal Haywards Heath. I occasionally work at the Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton but this will incur cab fare. I ask for parking costs and £1 per mile for journeys over 10 miles.

All you need to do:


  1. inform your care providers of your intention to consume your placenta 
  2. write a birth preference/plan stating that you intend to consume your placenta. You can add this to an existing birth preferences if you have written one 
  3.  take a large sandwich box, a cool bag/box and four frozen ice packs into hospital with you ready to receive your placenta as soon as it has been checked by the midwife.  Text me when you go into labour to give me a heads up, and again when you can, when birth is imminent or has just happened, any time between 6am and 10pm 


  I cannot encapsulate your placenta if:


  • you have a high temperature and antibiotics during labour because of chorioamnionitis  (a bacterial infection of the membranes) 
  • You have smoked at all during pregnancy.(the placenta sends most toxins to the kidneys for disposal, but it retains the heavy metals from cigarette smoke) 
  • The placenta is sent to pathology for testing (it may be coated in a substance or not be chilled properly)
Do get in touch if you want to know anything more about the process, or to book your encapsulation. You can use my online booking form Here it's not binding, but I will need all the information to make the booking and make sure I have my supplies ready to make your placenta capsules! You can call, or better still, text 07515287968. I will reply to your email from my personal email address jilmanning@hotmail.co.uk note only one 'L' !! so add me to your address book so I don't end up in your junk folder. 


 I welcome ad-hoc enquiries and can usually accommodate...but I do ask for payment upfront!


This service is not intended to replace any medical assistance that you may require during your pregnancy, birth or postnatal period.  You should seek medical advice from your midwife or doctor as necessary.  I undertake to prepare a mother's placenta on the understanding that she will use it, or not, as she sees fit.  I make no recommendations regarding this other than to suggest that, as placenta has been used safely by the cosmetic industry for decades, that it may be used, at her own risk, as an addition to a skin cream or balm.