Birth Doula...As women, we are perfectly equipped to birth our babies and to be positively transformed by the experience, however the prevailing culture around women's matters and birth in particular can sometimes hinder this powerful natural process. As a calm, experienced, nurturing and knowledgeable labour companion supporting mum and partner, my aim is to provide the preparation you want, and the protected space for the birth you are envisioning.

 I believe there is a doula out there for everyone, and that feeling connected and supported and prepared is worth its weight in gold! I know how special this time is for you, and my mission is to support and honour your individual journey with the focus on your wishes for your baby's birth, and your empowerment through this rite of passage. 

I have trained with postnatal doula Naomi Kemeny in the care of twins, and attended a water birth study day at East Surrey Hospital. I have attended doula Michelle Every's course on supporting parents through the loss of their baby, as well as having the privilege of attending study days more than once with both Michel Odent and the late Sheila Kitzinger, and once with the iconic Ina May Gaskin. I have learned the Closing the Bones ritual massage for after the birth, with doulas Sophie Messager and Maddie McMahon. I volunteer every week in community drop-in breastfeeding clinics, and in the Princess Royal Hospital Breastfeeding drop-in clinic.  I facilitate the Mid Sussex Positive Birth Movement group, which meets once a month, and supporting mums and families through pregnancy, birth and the early days is my life's passion.

I offer two comprehensive and in-depth individualised birth preparation sessions (including de-briefing of previous births if needed)in your own home or mine. I will be on call for you from 38 weeks, during which time I accept unlimited texts, emails and phone calls. I will come to you when you need, and stay with you until you are cuddling your newborn and enjoying a first feed. I'll pop back in a day or two so we can talk about the birth if you want to, and to ensure that feeding is going well. I can cook a meal, do some hoovering or shopping or cuddle your new bundle whilst you bathe or nap. I will bring cake, and wash up before I go! I charge £700 plus mileage and expenses.

Two heads are better than one... Two for the price of one...Shared Care

I like to work with a partner, doing what we doulas know as 'shared care'  What this means for you is that you get two doulas for the price of one.  We do your antenatal and postnatal meetings together.  You can request to have both of us at your birth, one of us taking photographs if you wish.  Being doulas, we are extremely sensitive to whether it is appropriate or helpful to have two people there, and one of us fades off to the coffee shop if the room is getting too crowded. If your labour is long...nothing wrong with that...we take it in turns to cover for one another so you always have a fresh and rested doula at your service. What this means for me, is that I can relax during the on-call period and the labour, knowing that there is always someone to back me up if anything unforeseen should crop up...I know that you will always be well supported. 


Post Natal Doula...My special interest is in postnatal care and breastfeeding experience and knowledge. I am offer the traditional ritual massage of Closing the Bones, as well as errands, shopping, cooking. Babymoon support. Baby cuddling to give you a rest, company and knowledgeable understanding of normal breastfeeding. A few hours a day, a few days a week for a few weeks. Book me beforehand, or ask ad-hoc for less structured help. I charge £20 per hour and 50p a mile outside my local area of Hassocks. Enquire here