We learn to breastfeed by seeing other women around us feeding their

babies. By being bought up surrounded by it. That's how nature planned it anyway!  Nowadays, you can birth a baby and start to breastfeed without ever seeing anyone else do it. My goal is to fill the knowledge gap for you so that you know what is 'normal' behaviour for a breastfeeding baby, know how to

overcome the common challenges, and can relax and enjoy this special bond!


 *April course dates: Tuesday April 18th 7pm Saturday April 22nd 9.30 am*

Like on Facebook! I run frequent workshops at my home in Hassocks for first time parents, or those who want to have a better experience this time than last. The course runs on Saturday mornings, weekdays and weekday evenings so that everyone has the chance to come along. You can book yourselves in to the next available course that suits you using the 'schedule me' button on this page. The workshops are 3 hours long with refreshments included, and cost £50 per couple, maximum three couples. 

 You will come away with plenty of up to date, useful resources, comprehensive written material, and exclusive access to the material online where there are many additional resources, links and videos. Most importantly you will go home with the knowledge you need to begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence. I can deliver this workshop in your own home to you and your partner exclusively for £60.

I focus on 'normal' breastfeeding baby behaviour, how to know that your baby is getting enough milk, how to know that your positioning and attachment is at it's optimum, and different positions to try.  We look at biological nurturing, also known as laid back breastfeeding, or bn, which is our natural position as human mammals, for feeding.  

This position stimulates babies' breastfeeding behaviours, yet astonishingly, it isn't taught in most other NHS or private antenatal preparation classes and very rarely on the postnatal ward.

 We talk about breastfeeding and sleep, myths and worries about sore nipples, artificial feeds, night feeds. and frequent feeding, how to manage your lactation, overcome the common challenges and where to go for help if things aren't going as they should.  Get in Touch with me to find out when the next workshop is running and to register your interest. I am happy to come to you for an individual session if you prefer.

  I have supported hundreds of women and couples to breastfeed as a postnatal doula and I have taken the opportunity in discussion to ask women and couples whether they felt adequately prepared for breastfeeding (usually a resounding "No!!!") and what they would like to have known in order to make things easier for them to feed their baby.  From these discussions, the Breastfeeding Intelligence course was founded.