How will I know I'm in labour?    When do we call the midwife? What do I need to know about having a waterbirth? What happens after the birth? 

How do I get breastfeeding started?   How do I know breastfeeding is going well? 

 What can I expect from the early days with my baby?

 I offer two sessions covering the things you need to know about labour, birth, initiation and success with breastfeeding and the early days.

 The sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, and you are the only people on the course!  We look at the choices available to you, and focus in on the things that you are most interested in or concerned by.

Our first session will include de-briefing past experiences for both partners.  It's useful for us to look at what you know about birth, and how you feel about it.  We will have an exploration of what your dream birth looks like and what is most important to you at this unique time. We'll look at how to know you're in labour, and what coping measures you might consider.

Our second session looks at writing your birth preferences, the 'golden hour' after birth, and informed choices around these times. We also look at initiation and continuation of breastfeeding and what to expect from the early days with your baby. We'll refresh again on how to know you're in labour, and what you need to know about an long latent phase of labour and how to make the decisions in this period that will optimise your chances of getting the birth experience that you want. We meet twice, for around 90 minutes, in the comfort of your home. Total cost: £100

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