The information on this form is held in the strictest confidence.  It helps me to know whether you have any contra-indications to reflexology treatment, and whether we can go ahead or not. It doesn't replace your in-depth consultation prior to treatment, and means I have more time to focus on areas of concern.

Reflexology Booking form

Preferred method of contact
Phone call
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I am currently experiencing
Contagious skin disorders/diseases
Cancer/treatment for cancer
Nervous system disease
Severe high/low blood pressure
Recent haemorrhage
Recent (last 3 months) operations or injuries
Undiagnosed lumps/bumps/swellings
First trimester of pregnancy
skeletal fractures/disease
Major illness/infectious disease
This information is held in the strictest of confidence, and helps me ascertain any contra-indications to treatment, and expedites the consultation period, so I can focus my attention where it is most needed.
I am/sometimes experience:
Name (click to edit)
skin disorders/conditions
high/low blood pressure
recent scar tissue
product allergies
Diabetes type 1
pregnancy 2nd and 3rd trimester
This additional information is also helpful
List any medication you take regularly
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are you currently under medical supervision?
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History of previous holistic treatments
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Physical/emotional Reactions/thoughts about previous reflexology treatments
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General health, stress levels,
Description (click to edit)
Areas of concern for me to focus treatment on. Tension/Stress/Injuries/Aches and Pains/Energy Levels
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Maternity Reflexology
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Check this box if you're pregnant and would like a Maternity Reflexology treatment
Fertility Reflexology
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Check this box if you/you and partner would like reflexology support through your Assisted Conception (IVF, ICSI etc) or as a preparation for conception
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